About Us

We are professionals specialising in the field of HR sourcing/recruiting Doctors, Nurses and other Healthcare professionals. Future Placement Servicezacts as the bridge between trained and qualified candidates and the hospitals and institutions that seek to employ them. Our aim is to ensure that we find the perfect work partner for you. If you are adoctor/nurse looking for a job in the industry, we want to place you with best employer. If you are a prospective employer looking for quality medical personnel, we will provide the resource that you seek. Nothing excites us more than placing the right personin the right job and assisting in your growth, and, in helping medical personnel the world over recognise their dreamsof a fulfilling, flourishing and successful career.

Why is Future Placement Servicez the answer to Medical Personnels’ and Employers’ needs?

Simple. We streamline the recruitment process and use a systematic and scientific procedure to choose the right candidate/right organisation.

For Hospitals

Our team is selective in its talent sourcing efforts and employs an effective and efficient screening process, weighing each candidate against the detailed ‘Desired Skills’ and ‘Mandatory Qualifications’ checklists that have been developed solely for the purpose. They will meet every quality standard you have set and more, and meet the stringent norms and regulations set out by the concerned authorities in the UK. What this means for you as the employer is a guarantee of quality personnel, at reduced-risk/minimal risk.

Have a complaint? A special need? We are still the right people for you. Your Consultant- yes, you will be assigned a dedicated consultant who will be better placed to comprehend your singular needs- will follow due protocol and help you find the solutions to all our queries/requirements/issues.

How can we help you?

If you are looking forqualified Doctors, Nurses and other health care professionals who have an excellent track record and have proven their mettle in their field for your hospitals and Care Homes, choosing us is the best and most efficient step to find that Specialised help you seek. We have an extensive database of personnel who have in-depth experience in various specialised departments, and whose qualifications meet the global standards. Need help? Call us/email us. Alternatively, click the link below and let us know what it is that you are looking for.

For Medical Personnel

With our extensive connections to NHS Trust Hospitals, Private Hospitals&Care Homes in the UK, we are without a doubt one of the best options to be employed in a safe, productive and positive work place.

We place you at organisations that respect and value your worth and offer you pay that matches industry standards. Whether you are looking to work full-time or part-time, or even particular shifts, we hear you. We ensure that you will receive what you ask for. You could say, that our services are customised to suit our clients’ needs!

As our client, you will be assigned to a Consultant, who will monitor every detail of your case and ensure that you find work that suits your unique needs. Rest assured, you will have all the support that you need as you navigate your way through a career that takes you to the top.

Other advantages

We will be with you to guide and support you through the visa application process. We will also ensure that your relocation is as hassle-free as possible. Future Placement Servicez will arrange for pickup from the airport to your accommodation when you arrive in the country.

Help- Day In, Day Out

Life does not take a break. So, neither do we. We are open and on call 24×7. Reach out to us at any point, with any requirement and there will be someone to assist you.